Original article: Platelet-rich plasma with microneedling in androgenetic alopecia along with dermoscopic pre- and post-treatment evaluation.


Patients with mild to moderate AGA, aged 18-45 years with Hamilton-Norwood score 1-5 were included in both study and control group. Dermoscopy was performed using Dermlite II hybrid m; 3Gen dermoscope at 10× magnification in polarized mode, and photographs were taken. Those not responding or those not having any new hair growth to conventional therapy for at least 1 year were included. The study group were given autologous platelet-rich plasma injections with microneedling over a period of 3 months at 3 weekly interval. Baseline and post-treatment photographs were taken.


Hair growth started after the first session. The patients' satisfaction was more than 75% in 18 patients, on patients' subjective hair growth assessment scale. In post-PRP-treated patients of AGA, increase in the number of vellus and total hairs, increased hair shaft diameter, and reduction in yellow dots were appreciated after 3 sessions. Hair pull test was negative after treatment in 14 patients (70%).

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