Please be sure that all rings and other type of metal devices (accessories) are removed from your vaginal tissue and/or your penis before you come to the office. We cannot perform your procedure if you have devices still in place. This includes patients who have implantable devices. We cannot perform PRP sexual wellness procedures with implantable devices. It is not compatible.

You may go to work the same day of your PRP sexual wellness procedure.

If you have undergone surgeries to your reproductive organs, we need to know this information. Some reconstructive procedures are unfortunately contraindicated with PRP treatment. We do not want you wasting your valuable time and consultation funds, if PRP treatments are contraindicated in your condition.

If you have been diagnosed with lichen sclerosus, a vulvovaginal disorder, then this is a condition that must be surgically corrected by your GYN. At the time of your surgery (after the lichen sclerosus has been removed), the use of PRP is very beneficial for faster healing of your vulvovaginal tissue and preventing the return of lichen sclerosus. We would need to speak with your GYN about walking them through this PRP component of your treatment at the time of your surgery.

We must have written medical consent/clearance from your medical provider if you are taking a blood thinner   ( examples: high dose aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix, Xarelto, Brilinta, etc.).

If you are taking antibiotics for infection, then this is a contraindication. Your antibiotics must be completed before you can be safely treated.

Check out the following link. October 8th, 2017, Dr. Bethea spoke about Cutting Edge Regenerative Medicine Approaches for Sexual Wellness on the "SEX IS NOT FOR SISSIES" internet radio show, hosted by Valda Ford.  Scroll down the page of the link until you see the box for SEX IS NOT FOR SISSIES VALDA FORD. Click the box. Scroll to bottom. Bottom lists dates and speakers. Click more to get back to older dates.


After the shaft and head (glans) are numbed with BLT (20% benzocaine/8% lidocaine/8% tetracaine) (Men apply this directly to their penis shaft and head [glans]) for 15-20 minutes. PRP is injected on both sides of the base of the shaft; both sides mid shaft, and into the corona (base of the head[glans] of the penis).

IF you have a vacuum penile pump at your disposal, please make sure that it has 25mmHg pumping pressure capability. If you do not have this pumping capacity, then you may purchase a vacuum penile pump from our office. You will need to use this 10 minutes twice a day, separated by at least 30 minutes for six weeks. The purpose of using this device is to increase the spread of your PRP through the cavernous tissue (penis shaft). Want growth of the tissues, including the blood vessels (angiogenesis).


The anterior wall of the vagina, labia minora and majora, and the clitoris are heavily numbed with BLT (20% benzocaine/8% lidocaine/8% tetracaine) for 30 minutes. PRP is injected into the the anterior wall of the vagina, both of the labia minora and majora and finally into the clitoris.

You must be off your menstrual cycle in order to perform this procedure.
Because you may experience some spotting (bleeding) as a result of the needle entry into your vaginal tissue, please be sure that you wear an appropriate type of underwear. Bring a thin panty liner. We suggest that you wear dark bottoms that day.

Dr. Bethea with Dr. Charles RunelS, PRP GURU aestheticS and sexual wellness June 25, 2016

Dr. Bethea with Dr. Charles RunelS, PRP GURU aestheticS and sexual wellness June 25, 2016

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