About Dr. Dalton‐Bethea

Dr. Dalton-Bethea (Patients call her Dr. Bethea.) is the second of eight children. She is a native of Thomasville, NC. She grew up between High Point and Greensboro until 1978 when her family moved to West Virginia. She graduated as one of the four valedictorians of Scott High School in Madison, WV 1992.  She moved back to her home state of NC where she completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and minor in German at Guilford College, Greensboro. She studied abroad for a semester in Europe late spring and the fall of 1993. That is where she fell in love with rugby football. When she returned to the US, she played on the Guilford College women’s rugby team’s backline. They won the state championship in 1994. Also during her time at Guilford College, she was inducted into the National Tri Beta Biology Honor Society. 

She then moved to Greenville, NC in August 1997 after getting married in June 1997. She obtained her medical degree from East Carolina University School of Medicine 2001.  During her time in medical school, she had the opportunity to take up yet another exciting activity: martial arts. In fact, she taught some Tae Kwon Do classes at the medical school.  

2001-02 was a quick general surgery internship year at Upstate University Hospital Syracuse, NY.  In 2002, Dr. Bethea decided to switch tracks from surgery to physical medicine & rehabilitation (otherwise known as physiatry).  She moved to yet another state-Maryland.  Dr. Bethea was co- chief resident from 2004-2005 at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore in affiliation with University of Maryland.  It was during this time that she was introduced to the Berks County Jazz Festival (Reading, PA). She has been attending this Jazz Festival nearly every year since 2003! Dr. Bethea loves music! Her interventional pain management rotations through residency solidified her career path.

After the delivery of her first daughter, she moved to Collegeville, PA 8 days later and started her fellowship just under 2 months later. She completed her Interventional Spine & Pain Management Fellowship through Performance Spine & Sports Physicians, PC. She was the first female to enter the fellowship. Her solid training in Pottstown, PA was a springboard to her future success in Greensboro.

Dr. Bethea moved back to Greensboro in August 2007, 6 weeks after the birth of her second daughter. She joined Vanguard Brain & Spine Specialists August 20th, 2007. As the first interventional physiatrist hired by Vanguard, and the first female interventional physiatrist in Greensboro, she built the Interventional Pain Management section of Vanguard from the ground up. It was indeed successful. Patients received excellent care from Dr. Bethea and her stellar staff. 

While at Vanguard, she became board certified through the board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation as well as through the board of Pain Medicine.

In late 2009, Dr. Bethea felt the call to open her own practice. She started seeing patients through Performance Spine & Sports Specialists, PA on August 24th, 2010. Her first 2200 square foot office was located in Reidsville, NC, near Annie Penn Hospital from August 24th, 2010 through September 26th, 2014. In July 2013, she started her journey back into the Greensboro, NC medical community. Dr. Bethea appreciates her colleagues at Guilford Neurologic Associates. Dr. Bethea shared space with Guilford Neurologic Associates until the end of September 2014. In October 2014, she opened her new (still current) state of the art 4600 square foot office space after MANY renovations were done to the 2014 outdated space!! 1507 Westover Terrace Suite B in Greensboro is home to Dr. Bethea’s current practice. 

EVERY year since Dr. Bethea has been in private practice (since August 2010), the health care climate has unfortunately continued to deteriorate from an insurance reimbursement standpoint. Although Dr. Bethea loves the field of interventional pain management, she knew that she would have to expand her education and services in order to keep her autonomy-private practice. She had to think outside of the box in order to continue seeing insurance covered patients. Dr. Bethea underwent intense PRP (platelet rich plasma) training in 2015. Her PRP training allowed her to think further outside of the box. Dr. Bethea continues to experience success with PRP treatments of joint and soft tissue pain since September 2015.PRP is also beneficial for hair restoration, volume(tissue) restoration in the face, neck, upper chest, and hands, shrinking size and color of scars and stretch marks as well as restores sexual health (male & female) and female urinary incontinence!

Dr. Bethea changed her practice name to Greensboro Rejuvenation, THE Center for Integrative Health and Wellness in May 2016.  This name change allows her to treat patients not only with spine and joint pain, but also those with sexual dysfunction (dyspareunia [painful intercourse] & ED [erectile dysfunction}; those with hormonal imbalances which causes decreased energy, decreased libido, menopausal symptoms, etc.; those struggling with maintaining a proper weight; and those who wish to look younger and feel better about themselves. Dr. Bethea is able to treat a large sector of the Triad population under the Greensboro Rejuvenation name.

Dr. Bethea continues to be excited about what God has in store for the practice and its team members!

With the practice changes, Dr. Bethea expects to be able to spend more time with her daughters. She doesn’t want to miss important events of her daughters' lives as they continue to grow up like weeds! Dr. Bethea still plans to participate in future missions trips with team members. She believes strongly in helping the less fortunate. Her church, Calvary Church, is very active with missions. Missions needs are both domestic and foreign. Dr. Bethea believes that it is just as important to contribute to the needs of the Triad (food, shelter, drug & alcohol rehabilitation, etc.) as it is to contribute to the needs of those overseas.Dr. Bethea supports organizations that fight for the rights of the enslaved. Women, children, and men of all races and different nations are in modern slavery (human trafficking)…right here in the Triad!

Community Affiliations:

Calvary Church
Triad Ladder of Hope
Winston-Salem Rescue Mission
Dalit Freedom Network
Tabitha Ministry
Salvation Army


For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
Habakkuk 2:3